About Expressdrivingcourses

Expressdrivingcourses is a driving school-related agency which aims to provide Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) for learner drivers.Expressdrivingcourses advertises as a national establishment covering all UK driving test centers and UK postcodes.  Expressdrivingcourses does not directly employ any ADIs. All associated driving instructors are fully self-employed and responsible for their own financial affairs.,Expressdrivingcourses however, promotes integrity and transparency and is willing to conform to any demands set out by any official government department for investigation purposes. All ADIs are fully self-employed and responsible for their own tax affairs. Should any government or court authority ask Expressdrivingcourses  to declare information of payments to their registered database of ADIs, however, Expressdrivingcourses will conform fully with any such written request. This information is treated with sensitivity as it can contain personal and private information relating to individuals; as such,Expressdrivingcourses will not breach any data protection laws willingly.


Expressdrivingcourses may also be referred to as: The Company, The EDC, The Business, The Driving School, The Agency. Customers of Expressdrivingcourses may also be referred to as: Pupil, Pupils, Learner, Learners, Candidate, Individual. Driving Instructors may be referred to as: The Instructor, Your Instructor, ADI, ADI’s, Approved Driving Instructor.


Expressdrivingcourses offers NO guarantees that any pupil will pass the driving test. Expressdrivingcourses also does not guarantee that the duration of the intensive driving course booked by the customer is enough time to prepare them to the point that they can pass their driving test. We do, however, apply over ten years of knowledge in estimating the duration of time best suited to each individual who takes the intensive driving course.

Learner’s Assessment

Expressdrivingcourses will endeavor to accurately gauge each pupil’s current ability at the time of booking. In doing so, we intend to establish the course duration most suitable for the customer. Expressdrivingcourses will NOT, however, be held responsible for miss-selling any service if the customer provides inaccurate information which causes Expressdrivingcourses  to assess the customers course to be either longer or shorter than is actually needed.

Deposit Payments & Disbursements

All intensive driving courses advertised by Expressdrivingcourses require a deposit. Expressdrivingcourses may, however, create an on-the-spot product to satisfy the purchase request of a new customer on an ad-hoc basis; this calculation will take the following into account:
1) An agency fee (VAT applicable)

2) DVSA test fees (VAT exempt),

3) A negotiated hourly or one-off rate for a registered driving instructor.

This ensures that any DVSA fee and Driving Instructor fee remains as a disbursement and does not belong to Expressdrivingcourses,  who acts solely as an intermediary. For all disbursements, Expressdrivingcourses will ensure there is a clear, transparent route for all outbound payments classed as disbursements.
Any deposit paid to Expressdrivingcourses is an agency fee for the arrangement and management of intensive driving courses. It is common for Expressdrivingcourses to schedule times with a driving instructor. To do so we may make an outbound bank transfer payment to the named driving instructor in order to ensure that they remain available for the agreed timetable. This money is reclaimed when the customer clears the balance of their intensive driving course as advertised in our price structure. Any sum paid out to secure the time with the driving instructor is classed as a disbursement and is recouped at a later date for VAT reasons.

Balance Payments & Disbursements

All balance payments due for each intensive driving course we sell are regarded as the agreed fee, which we forward to the driving instructor. Therefore, Expressdrivingcourses is only passing the money to the appointed driving instructor to ensure there is no confusion with the customer that their course is being arranged by Expressdrivingcourses.  Any fee for the instructor is not VAT applicable, as none of our registered driving instructors are VAT-registered businesses. The balance acts as their taxable income.

Additional Hours

There are no additional hours, theory tests, or driving tests provided free of charge unless mentioned in the website’s course description or on any official Expressdrivingcourses promotional material.

Any additional lessons required before or after the driving test should be booked through Expressdrivingcourses. Any lessons booked directly with the driving instructor are exempt from the Expressdrivingcourses.Terms and Conditions.

Course Termination

If the course is terminated by the pupil, then this is entirely at their expense. NO refund will be offered for outstanding hours unless the pupil can provide sufficient evidence that the appointed driving instructor is in breach of the course agreement contract or has committed an act regarded as severe and gross misconduct.

Driving test

All Expressdrivingcourses driving courses end with a driving test provided by the DVSA. This is normally booked by the pupil or through another agency. If the test has been booked by any third party, Expressdrivingcourses cannot be held liable for any discrepancies, cancellations, or missed appointments. We don’t. provide practical driving test booking. However, in some cases, we help pupils to book the driving test at extra cost which includes a DVSA fee of £62 for weekdays and  £ 75 for weekends plus extra charges for booking agencies which may be up to £120.

 If the driving instructor feels that the pupil is not at a safe standard of driving, however, they retain the right to refuse the use of their training vehicle for the purpose of the driving test. There are NO grounds for ANY refund should this be the case.

Course Duration

The duration of any intensive driving course sold by Expressdrivingcourses is established at the point of sale, whether through our website,, or over the telephone. Should more hours be added to a course after initial booking, these hours will be subject to additional charges to be paid either through Expressdrivingcourses  or, in some cases, directly to the ADI.

Refund policy

Expressdrivingcourses operates a strict NO REFUND policy on any course deposit  Once the instructor is allocated unless the management deem a refund to be absolutely necessary. This will only happen under exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the management. Any decision taken to offer a refund by non-management may be overruled dependent on the facts provided. Any decision is also made on a case-by-case basis. In case of refund there will be  an admin charge of £35.

In addition to our strict, no refund policy, you do have the right to cancel your intensive driving course. In the event that you wish to cancel the course, you must email your request to

Refund policy because of delays during Covid – 19 / the coronavirus.

The terms of refund remain as mentioned above. If Expressdrivingcourses  is responsible for any delays, we will refund deposits in full; however, this does not include any delays caused by the ongoing situation with Coronavirus or any mandatory delays imposed by the Government, devolved governments, local councils or the DVSA.

Your Deposit 

When you book an intensive driving course at Expressdrivingcourses,  must pay a minimum deposit as stated on the company website on the Courses & Prices page.

 The deposit covers the test fees and the cost of preparing the intensive driving course. Upon booking a course, the labor fee is used to prepare your course, including securing your driving and theory tests. Therefore, the only refundable fees are the ones set aside for the government/DVSA charges for the driving and theory tests. Our online services are not free of charge and are included in the booking fee, known as “the deposit”.

 We also operate a strict NO REFUND policy on hours that have been paid for any intensive driving course. If a registered driving instructor is deemed to have displayed serious and gross misconduct, however, then Expressdrivingcourses will endeavor to refund any unspent tuition hours at the sole expense of the driving instructor. Expressdrivingcourses will NOT be held responsible for refunding any money related to unused hours.

Driving Instructor & Driving Instructor Responsibility

All Epressdrivingcourses driving instructors are fully qualified and self-employed. They are also governed by the DVSA, hold a current Criminal Record Check and are on the national register of Approved Driving Instructors 

All driving instructors have a responsibility to ensure they are up to date with changes in the training and development of learner drivers. The driving instructor is also responsible for their ongoing development known as Career Professional Development (CPD).

Driving Instructor Contracts

All driving instructors are expected to sign a pre-course contract confirming that they will ensure the course is delivered in the agreed timeframe and that they will endeavor to prepare the pupil for the driving test. The instructor contracts are provided by Expressdrivingcourses exclusively.

Pupil & Pupil Responsibility

The pupil must have a current valid provisional license. The pupil must show the photo card license to the driving instructor on their first meeting. The pupil must take the photocard driving license to the theory test and driving test center. This is the pupil’s responsibility and neither Intensives UK nor the driving instructor will be held accountable for any situation where a pupil fails to bring their provisional license with them.

Pupil Cancellations

If a pupil decides to cancel their intensive driving course for any reason, they automatically forfeit the initial course deposit. If Expressdrivingcourses have paid in advance for any theory or driving test, they will automatically be cancelled, and any recovered costs will be returned to the customer.

In some rare and extreme circumstances, Expressdrivingcourses may decide to express a more lenient stance and refund some or all of the money paid; however, this is the decision made only by the management at Expressdrivingcourses and is reserved only for unforeseen, unavoidable circumstances.

Instructor Cancellations

If the course schedule is cancelled by the appointed ADI, Expressdrivingcourses will make the arrangements, where possible, to rearrange the course with another driving instructor. If this is not possible, Expressdrivingcourses  will offer a full refund and peruse any additional costs through legal services to the driving instructor. Once